“Once upon a time there was a little girl who was not afraid to show her colors to the world. She did thrive into changes of perspective until being recognized as the queen of reframing. Sitting in her Ferris wheel she discovered paths that had never been walked before.

She soon understood how important it was to feel the link between purpose and life goals, the beat of people deeply connected to have an impact together. When she grew up, she developed Linkbeat to re-design her world, standing up for human centricity”.

At Linkbeat, we design custom-tailored integrated services of consultancy, coaching, and training about:

🔵 Diversity & Inclusion for Business Ecosystems
🔵 Community Learning for Growth Mindset
🔵 Personal Branding for Thought Leaders
🔵 Future of Work & Digital HR
🔵 Brand Activism for Women Empowerment

🔵 Design your Work Life Coaching

Do you really wanna play with us? Check the star words we believe in:

ThriveCan you realize when your eyes shine?
ReframeDo you dare to look from different perspectives?
ImpactDo you know where the impact of your actions goes?
Celebrate – Can you feel a sense of belonging with people you are linked to?
Know – Do you know what is your next learning goal?
Stand Up Are you able to speak up for what you believe in?

Opportunities flourish when people meet, they know each other, and they connect deeply until they feel the pulse and power of their mutual belonging. This is what Linkbeat stands for: living a fulfilled life, where what you do and what you believe in are part of the same game. Everyday.

Are you ready to put yourself in the game? Drop a line to hello@linkbeat.life to meet us and set your next personal and/or company goal.